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Hello! I’m an illustrator and artist currently working and living in Utrecht, NL. 

Want to work together? Email me at fienrks@gmail.com



Fien Rijks (she/her, 2000) is an illustrator and printmaker based in Utrecht, NL.

Inspired by the world around her, she creates colorful, clear, and bright images, but also likes to work on serious subjects when needed. She is fascinated by nature, design, coincidences, and art history. Visually striking colors are often found in her work, and she is not afraid to add a touch of neon to an otherwise calm painting. Gouache and acrylic are her media of choice, and she tries to stay close to her work by doing minimal digital edits.

On the days she is not illustrating she is working in a bookshop, being the main salesperson for English literature and non-fiction, childrens books, and art books. From growing up in a family of authors and publishers to having over 6+ years of experience in the book retail industry, she is often inspired by book design, stories, and publications. She has a great passion for books and loves to combine this with her illustration work.

She is also an art director at creative writing platform De Optimist.

Full CV here.

Want to work together? Email me at fienrks@gmail.com

Photo by Thomas Walsh

BA Illustration at HKU, University of the arts Utrecht. 2018 - 2023
Hogeschool Utrecht. Minor ‘Masterpieces in Western Art’ (Art History) 2022
NRC Media -  Editorial Illustration Internship. 2021

2023 - Fruit Person, Solo exhibition at KEEK Utrecht
2022 - Illustration Ladies Amsterdam @ OKO Cafe
2021 - PLAKBAND by MidWest Amsterdam
2021 - HKU SALON Student Exhibition
2019 - Illustration x Utrechtse Boekenbar
2018 - ‘Komt dat zine” @ Huis van Betekenis Utrecht